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Dick and his Ducks by mpcp13 Dick and his Ducks by mpcp13
Another picture related to the Quirk et al. I presented in this pic: [link]

If anyone saw the tank design I posted earlier, this was what it was for. Warning for some strong language ahead since the character likes to cuss gratuitously.


John “Dick” Baylor III – The fifteen-year-old son of John and Celphina Baylor (expies of characters created by :iconshroomman777:), respectively the P.E. teacher/janitor and a teacher of a local high school, young John Baylor is exactly what his nickname implies—he’s an utter dick and proud of it. As for why he has “the third” tacked on to his name, his dad had this to say: “Odd Roman numerals are cool and ‘Junior’ sounds like a euphemism for penis.”

Dick, as he self-depreciatingly prefers to be called, lives life according to a self-styled code known simply as “Spite” (the “S” must always be capitalized). He hasn’t really elaborated on what exactly Spite is other than it involves being laidback, dickish, the peppering of language with profanities given German sounding suffixes (e.g., shittenhauer, fucklegrubber, bitchenburg), and the wearing of Hawaiian or similarly-patterned shirts. May have a heart of gold under all the affected Dickitude (the “D” must always be capitalized as well), but he denies this. He sometimes carries around a tennis racket with no strings, and uses it creatively in fights he invariably gets into. He’s also a sergeant in a local nerf gun team styled after the Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40K. In Dick’s hometown, nerf is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

He is Kaylee Kaminskiy's (see previous pic) "boyfriend." Well, not exactly. He calls her his girlfriend and she hasn’t said anything denying it, mostly because he never seems to say so in her presence. However, she hasn’t confirmed it either and mostly acts completely platonic around Baylor. They do hang out with each other the most, though, but it’s likely that that’s due to the fact that both come off as rather peculiar to most people and in high school birds of a feather clique together. Now that Tyler's back in town, though, he's got competition in terms of the time Kaylee spends with friends. This, of course, had led him to become rather jealous of Tyler despite the latter's assurance that he is not sexually attracted to Kaylee. His discovery that Tyler and Kaylee have apparently shared a secret dream link for years doesn't help at all.

Corporal Turducken and the Panzerquacken – recurring characters in Dick’s boyhood dreams who have been pulled into The Library (Kaylee and Tyler's joint dream scape) along with Dick. Probably born from the sci-fi bedtime stories Dick’s father used to tell him as a child involving a military unit of future humans known as the Duck Fucks (his mother stopped him from telling those due to being inappropriate for children, but they stuck with the boy nonetheless). Cpl. Turducken sort of resembles an outrageously over-armed Donald Duck packing a 35mm Gatling Grenade Launcher. Cpl. Turducken seems to think of Dick as his sergeant. He is accompanied by a ridiculously over-armed tank crewed by Hugo (tank commander), Dieter (driver/mechanic), and Luther (gunner)—the Panzerquacken. They seem to resemble Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. They used to accompany Dick in his more action-movie like dreams when he was younger. They’ve now apparently returned to do the same in The Library. Maricar, a coomon friend of his and Kaylee's, likes to say that the overly large armaments of Dick’s dream characters have Freudian implications to annoy the boy.

Drawn by hand and colored on PhotoStudio. As for the background, I couldn't resist putting in an oil fire scene, so I searched for one on Google and modified it in PhotoShop. Dick Baylor was conceptualized in a much more irreverent manner than the previous characters for emphasis. In terms of design, the ducks are pretty nostalgic since I used to draw Donald (my favorite classic Disney character) all the time when I was younger. Here, I just basically used a similar design to Donald and his nephews, but made their heads less rounded and their beaks sharper and angular. Then I applied the principle of More Dakka ([link])--er, or should that be More Ducka? Also, the positioning of Cpl. Turducken's 35mm Gatling Grenade Launcher was given its rather Fruedian positioning in relation to how Dick get's mocked by Maricar regarding that matter.

The characters here and others related to my Quirk et al. idea are © Miguel Paolo C. Pernia (that would be me)
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