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Space Girls by mpcp13 Space Girls by mpcp13
Well, the last few days sucked since trying to design the last two remaining astronaut suit designs for my Old People entry\'s background all flopped. I was also sick with cough yet stupidly kept on going to work anyway, so that didn\'t help. As a reprieve, I decided to draw designs related to the story behind the Old People entry, but didn\'t involve @#$%*!-hard-to-make space suit designs.

Basically, the basic premise for the story involves the following:
1. Kaylee’s mom (abandoned by her husband) and Tyler’s dad (divorced) started dating. Their kids, a hyperactive and somewhat spoiled girl with poor social skills and a very reserved boy being raised to be a Renaissance man founf themselves potential step-siblings.
2. Patience wins out and the kids become fond of each other, but just as that happens Tyler gets whisked away by his grandpa to Mars—to Kaylee’s extreme annoyance.
3. Parents shortly marry, and they find themselves long distance stepsiblings. Kaylee spends the last few years pretty much bugging her mom and new step-dad to send her to Mars too. They eventually relent and send her off with Tyler’s older sister.
4. Story takes place in the months Kaylee’s ship is heading to Mars, with she and Tyler exchanging pre-recorded messages (due to the time delay for transmissions to and from Mars and the limited allotted time and bandwidth for personal messages) as correspondence. They’re each surrounded by their own eclectic cast of characters.

The above picture is going to be a scene from the non-gravity area of the ship Kaylee's in, which I'll do after I'm done with the Old People contest. Eventually it'll include Dick Baylor and a new character (I decided to change around the character cliques and relationships from the original).

Characters above from left to right:

Kaylette Kaminskiy - holographic AI Assistant for Kaylee created by Tyler based on one of Kaylee's old dolls. Primary manager of Kaylee's personal network (the inter-linked embedded technological devices that are used in place of cellphones, iPods, tablets, notebooks, and whatnot in the setting).

Kaylee - newly-minted step-sibling and" radio pen pal" (as she calls herself) of Tyler. Somewhat spoiled from being coddled by her grandparents while her Mom completed school. The jacket she's wearing has holographic projectors and cameras (in those stripes) as well as motion sensors.

Squidly - store-bought AI Assistant that Kaylee had before Kaylette. Also based on and old stuffed toy of Kaylee's. Usually lets Kaylette take the lead in their interactions with their owner.

Nicole Mackenville - Serious and sarcastic daughter of a scientist couple. Ended up as Kaylee's roommate. Nicole's really not happy about that. In the final pic she'll be pointing at a viewing window while looking at Dick Baylor, who'll be floating "upside down" over her left shoulder.

The characters here are © to me, Miguel Paolo C. Pernia.
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DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Professional Writer
For starters, I do hope that things are well again with your health. Having a bad cough can definitely be an annoyance.

In relation to your story, I like the concept that you present here. Patience can be powerful indeed, and I like the idea of them each having their own character cast with whom they deal.

In image, Squidly and Kaylette are so cute here! Heheh, such power in "toys" within this tale, eh?


Thank you very much for the splendid design and story share here; keep up the great work!
mpcp13 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks, man!
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Professional Writer
You are very welcome!

Zimeta Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neat stuff! And, so sorry about your cough. ;_;
I love the little Squidly. ^.^
mpcp13 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
From reactions I've had so far, everyone seems to love the little squirt. XD
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June 16, 2011
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